Interview with a stranger

He kept his eyes averted and fidgeted when he talked but something I said touched something in him because he came alive with words that tumbled out in a halting, insistent rush to tell me a story he had held on to like a talisman for more than thirty years. "I used to be the … Continue reading Interview with a stranger


Modern technology is grand. Until it isnt.

So, Im getting a slew of new devices today and the rush of getting new things will be eclipsed by the realization that once I get home with my cool toys, my IQ is going to drop by at least 50 points. This always happens, and I always swear I can figure it out this … Continue reading Modern technology is grand. Until it isnt.

Jesus saves. Moses Invests.

Religion isn't always moral. The hurricane emergency in Texas isn't just a natural catastrophe. It is also a moral crucible by which religions are judged and national leaders are held up to the harsh light of their actions.  That they are found wanting more often than not is not a new phenomenon.  That their followers continue … Continue reading Jesus saves. Moses Invests.

The psycho girlfriend revisited and the spouse is still a b****

I'm beginning to understand that facebook is not only an evil spouse but a draggy, boozy, hateful floozy that should be divorced posthaste, but my enabling ass keeps hanging on, making excuses for the egregious behavior in the hopes that she will turn herself around, see what she has turned into, make herself into a … Continue reading The psycho girlfriend revisited and the spouse is still a b****