Mortal conumdrum

How can I have a crisis of faith when I don’t believe? What are the words that capture this free fall and freedom? If I don’t drill down into discrete issues, well, it breaks off into limitless voracity of the best way to go with a joyful transition.

Whether that is life, extraordinary life, life beyond death or nothing, I don’t know.

Very few experiences move me to the sublime. Tony Jones does. Father Nathan Monk does. Rodney does. Music is my goddess. Just as certain permutations of religion have adherents, as do I with music.

Sometimes, a song will strike me like a bolt of lightning. Southern gospel is great for that. There are tons of closeted people in gospel. Anyway, Depeche Mode was my epiphany today. “Personal Jesus”? My Southern Baptist upbringing says, they ain’t no Jesus but what the One says! Ok, then.

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