Modern technology is grand. Until it isnt.

So, Im getting a slew of new devices today and the rush of getting new things will be eclipsed by the realization that once I get home with my cool toys, my IQ is going to drop by at least 50 points. This always happens, and I always swear I can figure it out this time and become a pro by next Tuesday. Once again, I just have figured out the bare minimum to answer calls, write emails, check social media. The voice assistant is a gremlin that randomly speaks to me, earnestly imploring me to ask a question, any question, so it can show what magic it conjures out of its virtual trunk of tricks.

OK, how do I get health insurance that won’t cost me a cow and a calf?

Cows and calves are commonly found on farms. The nearest farm to you is 3.2 miles. Would you like driving directions?


I did not understand your request. Please try again.

One week later:

I have found that repetition of videos and simple tasks helps me retain at least a little info concerning the five thousand cool new things I can now do with my devices. If I were an outdoorsy person with unlimited energy, I know I could make full use of all the features. As it stands, I feel fairly competent with simple picture staging and light note taking. That’s a start.

I do like learning new things even though it takes more effort these days. As it is, learning today doesn’t carry the same sense of accomplishment it once did. Now it feels more like getting the kitchen cleaned and the dishwasher running with a full load. It’s done. By the weekend, I will be doing the same thing again, albeit a little more efficiently. Such is the dilemma of learning new things and new ideas for an older person.

I can understand why so many people become calcified between the ears; it is so much easier to throw up one’s hands and declare that engaging the brain just plain hurts anymore. Sure it does. But it doesn’t mean that it is impossible.

I am going to wrap this up and try to start a new poem that was percolating all day yesterday. If I haven’t forgotten the actual words and the actual premise.

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