Neighbors are the best people

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, the house vibrated with each beat. Jane cocked her head, startled. "What's that noise?" I told her it was a car speaker booming somewhere close. "A CAR SPEAKER!" "WHAT??" I walked out on to the porch and the next door workers were blasting from a truck as they threw trash into the … Continue reading Neighbors are the best people


Interview with a stranger

He kept his eyes averted and fidgeted when he talked but something I said touched something in him because he came alive with words that tumbled out in a halting, insistent rush to tell me a story he had held on to like a talisman for more than thirty years. "I used to be the … Continue reading Interview with a stranger

Modern technology is grand. Until it isnt.

So, Im getting a slew of new devices today and the rush of getting new things will be eclipsed by the realization that once I get home with my cool toys, my IQ is going to drop by at least 50 points. This always happens, and I always swear I can figure it out this … Continue reading Modern technology is grand. Until it isnt.