The psycho girlfriend revisited and the spouse is still a b****

I’m beginning to understand that facebook is not only an evil spouse but a draggy, boozy, hateful floozy that should be divorced posthaste, but my enabling ass keeps hanging on, making excuses for the egregious behavior in the hopes that she will turn herself around, see what she has turned into, make herself into a good, uplifting place

That ain’t happening

That crazy bitch is getting crazier because she is encouraged by all kinds of anonymous instigators, aided and abetted by a system that makes it impossible to weed out the hate without deleting wholesale entire pages and that just pisses me off

The system makes it hard to weed out dumb shit

I believe she has a learning disability, really

The girlfriend looks more enticing every day because her threads are in real time, happening within seconds because she knows what I like, what I crave

She gives me the news I want, not necessarily in an echo chamber because there are always drive-by haters that make it interesting

is it a bot or a troll?  Is this real news or fake?  Are there enough characters to say what I want?  Better tighten it up

She’s a great editor, the best, and I love her for that, haters and racists and apologists, all

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