Saturday morning musing

I’ve been thinking about how we tend to put other people on pedestals to keep them from us, not as much as to hold them in high esteem.  It’s much easier to think of other people as, well, “other” than to get to know them on a visceral level, because that takes work.  It takes thinking well.  I laugh sometimes about how we pick out people not like us and say, “her, I like” or ” I trust this guy with my tools” but the rest of them, well, they’re lazy, shiftless, criminals.  Not. Like. Me.  Now, this is so simple on the surface.  It’s not simple, and yet it is.  Let’s just cut through the bullshit.  Our only common experience is that we are human beings.  We are in this world together.  So, let’s find a way to get along.  Bottom line. We will hang together, or we shall surely hang separately.  That being said, how do we do that?  I don’t have any easy answers, but they are simple enough.  Be kind.  Help others. Volunteer. Do the hard thing and reach out.  You don’t have to try to fix people.  There are always going to be shitty people in the world.  Don’t paint everyone with the same brush and don’t be shitty yourself.

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