Angels do exist. . .to this atheist

I’m always baffled by so-called Christians being among the most hateful people in the world.  I don’t pretend to accept them or their short-sighted behaviors and in fact, will actively work to stay as disengaged as possible.  After years of seeing this behavior and hearing the rhetoric, I’ve tended to view professed Christians with a jaundiced eye.

Today, I saw love in action.  True love guided by the tenets of faith and translated into real works.  Two people took the time to take care of us with groceries, with kind words, with some monetary gifts, with their faith in action.  That they are angels is beyond doubt; that they are fully human with human foibles is also beyond doubt.  I think that those of us who look at people of faith with misgivings tend to paint humans with a broad brush and fail to notice that all of us are subject to the perceptions that may not be as based in reality as we might wish them to be.

For someone to accept me for who I am, flaws and all means that I also need to accept them.  It doesn’t mean that I need to understand their motivations or their innermost thoughts or even how they go about their day-day-day lives.  It means that by whatever measure I look for in myself I should be about the business of using that same measure for others, regardless of belief or nonbelief.  Those angels may lose their wings in an hour; that’s not my problem.  That those angels showed up with their wings in full glory at a time when I was feeling desperate means the world to me, and for that, I can acknowledge their divinity and humanity in all the glory that is shown to me.


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