Rage tastes like fireball

You know, it's not just the daily rage from hearing and seeing our dear leader making more north korean pronouncements; it's also the petty flareup from a dick head parking in a handicapped spot and then trying to clap back at my side eye.  It's also a professed friend who never engages even while wanting engagement … Continue reading Rage tastes like fireball


Lazy? Or Ruminating?

Five ways to tell the difference: Laziness is passive.  It's like wearing concrete shoes in an overheated room.  Nothing wants to move, even if you tried. Rumination is active.  It's inward attention.  You don't notice the concrete shoes or the beckoning warmth.  You are focused on what's percolating inside, whether it's a cool recipe, an … Continue reading Lazy? Or Ruminating?

Angels do exist. . .to this atheist

I'm always baffled by so-called Christians being among the most hateful people in the world.  I don't pretend to accept them or their short-sighted behaviors and in fact, will actively work to stay as disengaged as possible.  After years of seeing this behavior and hearing the rhetoric, I've tended to view professed Christians with a … Continue reading Angels do exist. . .to this atheist